CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer-led not-for-profit community.

A global movement of coding clubs (Dojos) for young people between 7 and 17

What We Do

Problem Solving
As well as coding, the youngsters learn valuable ‘soft’ skills that enhance their life chances and future employability, Collaboration and teamwork, Confidence building, Creative problem solving Logical thinking, Presentation skills, Communication skills, Mentoring skills.
Informal Learning
Young people have the opportunity to explore technology in an enjoyable and low pressure environment with the help of role models and leadership by volunteers from the technology industry
Have Fun while Exploring Technology
At CoderDojo we aim to encourage young coders to aspire to be the next generation of professional coders. Coding is the language of the future.

What Kids Learn at CoderDojo

Some of the technology we teach at our Dojos

What Our Communities Say

Massy 9 years old

The best thing today was scratching a game.

Olivia Getting to go on the VR and making my own game. 11 years old.

Mahla I have learned how to setup Raspberry Pi board. 18 years old.

Amara Making an app and there are nice helpers. - 9 years old

Fetshume Making a website and how hard it was. 11 years old.

Avye 10 years old

Going through making an app for healthy good, also programming the micro-bit and editing it a bit.
Also learning about how to make a face with the micro:bit!

Miracle Making and creating games and patterns. 8 years old

Catherine I really enjoyed the microbit activity.  9 years old

Reannah The virtual reality was really cool.  13 years old

Lila CoderDojo London at Macquarie Bank

There were lots of snacks, it wasn't too big, everyone was helpful, desigh-club was AMAZING! 11 years old

Miracle Making and creating games and patterns was fun. 8 years old

Elodie The best thing about today's coderdojo is that I got to make my own game.  6 years old


My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the coding session on Saturday and my husband was very impressed by the set-up.Nathalie had a lot of input from Gisela and Su who both had a great rapport with the girls, such that when Nathalie returned home, she wished to continue with the website design.

Thank you very much for encouraging such an important skill in such a fun and engaging environment.


Saoirse had a ball, flew the flag for England and won runner up in the Games category.  Success!  She’s delighted and we are very proud.   Also presented on the big stage (and roped in her cousin as PR and Comms for her team!).   

Thanks guys for encouraging her to get to this point!

About Us


We run regular dojos (code clubs) for young people age 7 to 17. Our dojos are entirely run by tech savvy mentors and champions
Support New Hosts and Venues. Help with planning, logistics, promotion and ticketing Advice on room set-up and choice of activities Supply of coding project materials for different levels of ability Provision of experienced mentors to help lead initial sessions
Our sponsors and partners play a vital role in promoting CoderDojo movement.

Our Partners and Sponsors

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Sushi cards (work sheets sorted by levels and programming languages)